Falk Cabinet Systems
Kitchens and Baths are what we do,
                    Large and Small in every hue.

Bathrooms.....they can be such a daunting project.  Plumbers by nature are great at putting in the pipes but not at designing your Master Bath.  You need a company with experience at creating a new bathroom within the same size.  You want a new walk in shower to replace a tub.  You want better lighting.  You want your vent fan to work.  You want a vanity that you don't have to bend down to brush your teeth. You want materials that are easy to clean.  You want function...and it doesn't have to be that hard.  You can see a CAD drawing and see the materials all together.  You want to visualize your bathroom, right?

different heights

We design with your style in mind and function in mind. Many times one partner is over 6 ft and one is smaller.  Let's find out what works for you.


Different styles

Do you want a rustic look with wood that has knots and lots of texture?  Do you want a crisp white classic bathroom? We have lots of projects that will spark your inner designer thoughts.  


Different products

We don't just offer cabinetry and countertops.  We provide lighting, plumbing products and other essential bathroom products to make your bathroom complete. We place where the shower heads should be,where grab bars should be and what height works best for you..  This is decided with you...and is a cooperative project. 

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